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Ben E. Keith is focused on keeping the food purchased and delivered to our customers at the optimum quality possible while keeping food safe from pathogens that can infect the products which cause illness and even death to the consumers of those products. Ben E. Keith currently follows SOPs, SSOPs, GMPs, HACCP plans and guidelines, refrigeration temperatures and controls, maintenance PMs, Recall procedures as documented by our third party audits.

To learn more about any FDA Recall, Market Withdrawals, or Safety Alert, visit U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Responding to a Ben E. Keith Recall…

Food Safety is a top priority at Ben E. Keith and making sure our customers know about a recall quickly and getting that product out of commerce is vital to the safety of all customers. In order to achieve this, Ben E. Keith has implemented an automated notification and response software system by Seneca Corporation. The new automated phone and email system will allow Ben E. Keith to notify all customers involved in a recall almost at the same time.

There are two ways a customer can respond

The time you save not doing paperwork, will be time well spent in your business.

  1. Via the email received that lists all of the important information needed for the recall go to Ben E. Keith/ Seneca
  2. Call their Ben E. Keith Division at the number on the recall message to get the information over the phone.
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